About us

DepartmentInstitute of Genomic Medicine, Wenzhou Medical University
Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
AddressWenzhou Medical University, University-town, Wenzhou, 325035, Zhejiang, China
Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100101, Beijing, China.
ResearchMedical genetics, Genomics and Epigenomics, Bioinformatics.

Our lab is broadly interested in understanding the genetic basis of complex human diseases using next-generation sequencing (NGS). We develop and employ computational or statistical tools, web servers and databases to prioritize candidate genes and decipher the relationship between genotypes and phenotypes from sequencing and clinical data. We mainly focus on neuropsychiatric disorders, such as autism. We also employed molecular biology and neuroscience to study the pathogenesis of candidate genes in human genetic diseases. Our published disease related databases include EpilepsyGene, 2014, a genetic resource for genes and mutations related to epilepsy; NPdenovo, 2015, a database of de novo mutation in neuropsychiatric disorders; RBP-Var, 2016, a functional variants database involved in post-transcriptional regulation mediated by RNA-binding. Our published web servers for NGS data analysis include mirTools, 2010 for microRNA profilling and discovery; mirTools 2.0, 2013 for non-coding RNA discovery, profiling, and functional annotation; and mirTrios, 2014 for de novo mutation detection. Our published bioinformatics tools include MagicViewer, 2010 for NGS data visualization, genetic variation detection and annotation; Bycom, 2014 for methylcytosine calling from BS-seq data; MBRidge, 2015 for profiling DNA methylome at single-base resolution; and swDMR, 2015 for differentially methylated region identification.

VarCards team

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Term of use

Users may freely use the VarCards database for non-commercial purposes as long as they properly cite it. Licenses are required for non-academic usage some of the resources, including CADD, ClinVar, COSMIC, ICGC, InterPro, DANN, OMIM, Polyphen-2, REVEL, RVIS, VEST 3.0, and InBio Map™. VarCards does not grant the non-academic usage of those resources, so please contact the original content provider for that purpose.