Annotation of ABHD16A in VarCards.


Details Location Ref Alt Gene Effect Mutation_type Amino acids change Supporting deleterious algorithm D:A algorithms damaging score Extreme Cytoband SIFT_score SIFT_pred Polyphen2_HDIV_score Polyphen2_HDIV_pred Polyphen2_HVAR_score Polyphen2_HVAR_pred LRT_score LRT_pred MutationTaster_score MutationTaster_pred MutationAssessor_score MutationAssessor_pred FATHMM_score FATHMM_pred PROVEAN_score PROVEAN_pred VEST3_score VEST3_pred MetaSVM_score MetaSVM_pred MetaLR_score MetaLR_pred M_CAP_score M_CAP_pred CADD_score CADD_pred DANN_score DANN_pred FATHMM_MKL_score FATHMM_MKL_pred Eigen_score Eigen_pred GenoCanyon_score GenoCanyon_pred fitCons_score fitCons_pred GERP_score GERP_pred phyloP_score phyloP_pred phastCons_score phastCons_pred SiPhy_score SiPhy_pred ReVe_score ReVe_pred ClinPred_score ClinPred_pred InterPro_domain gnomAD gnomAD_exome_AFR gnomAD_exome_AMR gnomAD_exome_ASJ gnomAD_exome_EAS gnomAD_exome_FIN gnomAD_exome_NFE gnomAD_exome_OTH gnomAD_exome_SAS gnomAD_genome_ALL gnomAD_genome_AFR gnomAD_genome_AMR gnomAD_genome_ASJ gnomAD_genome_EAS gnomAD_genome_FIN gnomAD_genome_NFE gnomAD_genome_OTH REVEL_score REVEL_pred InterVar_automated dbSNP ExAC_ALL ExAC_AFR ExAC_AMR ExAC_EAS ExAC_FIN ExAC_NFE ExAC_OTH ExAC_SAS ExAC_nontcga_ALL ExAC_nontcga_AFR ExAC_nontcga_AMR ExAC_nontcga_EAS ExAC_nontcga_FIN ExAC_nontcga_NFE ExAC_nontcga_OTH ExAC_nontcga_SAS ExAC_nonpsych_ALL ExAC_nonpsych_AFR ExAC_nonpsych_AMR ExAC_nonpsych_EAS ExAC_nonpsych_FIN ExAC_nonpsych_NFE ExAC_nonpsych_OTH ExAC_nonpsych_SAS Kaviar_AF HRC_AF HRC_non1000G_AF 1000genomes_ALL 1000genomes_AFR 1000genomes_AMR 1000genomes_EAS 1000genomes_EUR 1000genomes_SAS ESP6500siv2_ALL ESP6500siv2_EA ESP6500siv2_AA CG69 COSMIC ICGC ClinVar denovo-db GWAS Catalog Segmental duplication

select count(var_id) as sum from variant where ((Start between 2948368 and 2964501 and Chr="chr6_qbl_hap6" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%") or (Start between 31654725 and 31670850 and Chr="chr6" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%") or (Start between 2985531 and 3001668 and Chr="chr6_ssto_hap7" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%") or (Start between 2940297 and 2956422 and Chr="chr6_dbb_hap3" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%") or (Start between 2997615 and 3013741 and Chr="chr6_mann_hap4" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%") or (Start between 3164344 and 3180755 and Chr="chr6_cox_hap2" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%") or (Start between 3034405 and 3050818 and Chr="chr6_mcf_hap5" and Gene_symbol like "ABHD16A%"))