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2018/7 Our PAFA paper was published on Genome Medicine.

2018/4 Our invited review was published on Protein & Cell.

2018/4 Our neonatal microbiome paper was accepted by GUT.

2018/1 Our review "Computational strategies for exploring circular RNAs" was published on Trends in Genetics

2017/8 赵方庆研究员获得国家自然科学基金委优秀青年项目资助

2017/5 Our collaborated paper on rat population genomics was accepted by Molecular Biololgy and Evolution.

2017/3 招聘生物信息学方向的助理研究员和副研究员

2017/1 CIRI2 was accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics

2016/12 Our collaborated paper on gut microbiota was published on Microbiome.

2016/12 Our metasort paper was accepted by Nature Communications.

2016/11 Our inGAP-sf paper was accepted by Nucleic Acids Res.

2016/10 Our codon-based de Bruijn graph algorithm paper was accepted by Genome Biology.

2016/8 The 5th Young Bioinformatics PI conference was held at BIG, CAS.

2016/5 Congratulations to Gao Y, Ji P & Zheng Y on their successful thesis defense

2016/4 Our collaborated rumen microbiome paper was accepted by Current Biology

2016/4 Our CIRI-AS paper was accepted by Nature Communications

2016/3 The RiboFR-seq paper was published on Nucleic Acids Res

2015/6 Fangqing Zhao was invited to join the Editorial Board of Hereditas

2015/5 Our INDEL detection algorithm was published on Nucleic Acids Res

2015/5 The phage-bacteria interaction network paper was published on Environmental Microbiology

2015/5 祝贺赵辉和周慧玥完成硕士学位论文答辩

2015/4 第2届全国生物信息学与计算生物学大会在北京召开

2015/3 大型褐藻海带群体基因组学研究论文被Nature Communications接收

2014/12 高远/王金锋的环形RNA识别方法论文被Genome Biology接收

2014/7 Fangqing Zhao was invited to join the editorial board of Briefings in Bioinformatics

2014/7 中国科学院环境生物技术重点实验室第一届学术委员会会议

2014/5 “数学、计算机与生命科学交叉研究”青年学者论坛

2014/1 北京生命科学论坛第二十七次会议 ——元基因组研究的新技术与新方法

2013/11 赵辉等六名研究生完成中期考核或开题报告

2013/1 招聘 分子遗传学、基因组学 和 生物信息学 方向 副研、助研和博士后等科研人员